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By Isabellisima

On 17, May 2013 | No Comments | In | By Isabellisima

Understanding Empire

Understanding Empire is the blog of Dr Ian Shaw, lecturer in Human Geography at the University of Glasgow, and provides a comprehensive introduction to the history, geopolitics and future of drones.


In his university bio, Shaw says

I am interested in the geopolitical transformations associated with the rise of drones in U.S. national security strategy and beyond. In particular, my approach emphasises why the drone is a political actor – a technology that is slowly but definitively changing social, territorial, and sovereign relations. In this sense, I think through the ways that drones are existentialforces that shape our being-in-the-world.


With over 20 academic publications to his name, Shaw’s blog holds treasures such as this piece by Glasgow-based Butler Brothers A Song In Praise of DARPA. Not something you hear every day.

Image credit: MoD

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